D&A has a strong experience in the reorganization of family assets, using any legal entities available in internal and international Law. Creation and use of the most appropriate juridical means are a key factor of the estate planning, from the civil partnerships to the most complex corporations, proceeding with the foundations, trusts and other entities.

Oftentimes, the reorganizations take place in a cross-border situation and D&A provides assistance for the planning of the family assets having roots & branches into diverse States, cooperating, wherever necessary, with international experts.

When assisting in the assets reorganizations, our modus operandi is focused on the best possible ratio between the obtained results and the costs occurred in order to create the "planned structures", which has to be prepared and re-prepared with more and more frequency.

D&A has an almost pioneering experience on family offices, by historical performing the advisory activities typical of such entity in favor of some clients. D&A also has got a controlling participation in an Italian trust company, authorized by the Government according to the L. 23.11.1939, no 1966, the Fiduciaria Cavour (www.fiduciariacavour.it).