• Graduated in Economics (Economia e Commercio), University of Turin, 1993
  • Chartered Accountant (Dottore Commercialista) since 1995
  • Accountant Auditor (Revisore Legale) since 1999 


  • Appraisals of enterprise value
  • Financial Statements and advisory on corporate governance
  • M&A negotiations and contracts
  • National and international accounting standards
  • Tax and accounting due diligences
  • Tax litigations
  • Taxation of capital gain and revenue from cross-border investments
  • Taxation of manufacturing and trading companies
  • Taxation of real estate properties and real estate companies 


  • In Dante&Associati since 1998
  • Junior Associate with the auditing company KPMG until 1997
  • Statutory Auditor for real estate development companies, real estate management companies, manufacturing and holding companies
  • Author of publications regarding the capital gain and its international taxation
  • Speaker for seminars and conventions
  • Teacher at "Piero Piccatti" training school, ODCEC (Italian Association of Chartered Accountants and Accountant Auditors) of Turin 


  • Italian
  • English