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Assisting companies and individuals since 1997.

Headquartered in Turin with satellite offices in Milan and Rome, Dante & Associati assists local and international clients, on all areas of tax and corporate law and accountancy, in Italy and abroad. With a dynamic team of Chartered Accountants and Lawyers, our mission is to offer clients a highly qualified professional service, adequate to the modern and dynamic way of conducting business, with an adequate cost.

We constantly update our network of professional contacts throughout Europe, the United States and the Far East, and operate in affiliation with law firms located in London, New York, Atlanta and Paris. Our professional team, mostly of Italian mother tongue, can do business in English and French.

The activity performed by any member of D&A is always carefully planned in order to rapidly answer the clients' requests, having awareness of the timeliness as one key factor for the success of corporate projects and for the protection of the family assets in the modern economy.




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Areas of Practice


Although often overused as a term, International Tax Planning as a tool to efficiently protect family-owned multinational companies and HNWI's international assets has a great importance in the modern economical scenario.


It might be most famous for its natural and cultural beauties, but Italy also offers a particularly favorable tax regime to individuals with foreign-sourced income and their families.
We specialize in tax residency transfers and have assisted many non-residents clients with taxable income in Italy on compliance and tax return preparation.


With art becoming an ever more important asset class, correctly handling its fiscality is paramount for all collectors, owners and dealers.
We can offer an extensive experience assisting national and international art galleries, artists, private collectors and non profit entities proprietors of art collections.


Tax audits and the following phases of litigation may not only take a toll on managerial resources, but can last for extended periods of time. After many successful litigations and extra-judicial settlements with the tax authorities, we can assist and guide our clients throughout the whole process.


From civil partnerships to the most complex corporation, the use of the most appropriate juridical means is a key factor of estate planning. We have an extensive experience in the reorganization of family assets, including all the legal structures available in internal and international Law.

vat and customs

The world economy has never been more connected, but cross-border investments still require careful VAT planning. We can help you navigate this thanks to our extensive and constantly updated knowledge of European VAT norms and the sentences of the European Court of Law.



From the execution of tax, accounting and corporate due diligence, to the planning of extraordinary operations before the sale, in addition to negotiating and contractual assistance, we have an extensive experience both in domestic transactions and in cross-border investments.


A well-crafted company evaluation is central to any successful M&A negotiation or extraordinary corporate transaction. That’s where we come in: proficient in all current evaluation methods, we have decades of experience in company evaluations, the preparation of information memoranda, and reorganization plans

Financial statements, accounting principles and corporate taxation

With a broad portfolio of clients across several sectors - from industrial, to manufacturing to services and property companies - we can assist clients in preparing Financial Statements in accordance to IFRS principles, both as an ordinary procedure and following any extraordinary corporate transactions.

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