Although the term "international tax planning" is often overused, the activity of creating a corporate framework or scheme, the use of the contractual instruments and the choice of legal entities that permit an efficient protection of family-owned multinational companies and HNWI's international assets has a great importance in the modern economical scenario.

D&A constantly makes a great effort to update its knowledge in order to properly use any internal legal instruments, as well as the legal instruments provided by the regulations of other States, for providing an effective estate and tax planning.

ITP provided by D&A covers the correct allocation of the income among the different States where the portfolio & industrial investments take place: the areas of responsibility include permanent establishments, individuals and legal entities' residence, transfer price, double taxation avoidance, cross-border investments' income taxation, controlled foreign companies, and, more generally, international tax matters.

It is our belief that the exploitation of the favorable tax provisions adopted by the States engaged in the "virtuous tax competition" - first of all the Italian tax provisions, that provide excellent opportunities - offer a quite wide range of choice in order to avoid the use of the tax provisions falling into the schemes of harmful tax competition and potentially subject to discussion.